General Rules And Regulations

1. Students attending classes are expected to be neatly dresses in the uniform approved by the college.

2. Every student should posses an identity card, which should be produced whenever asked for by the college authorities.

3. Punctuality and regular attendance is compulsory. Leave of absence from college should be applied for and obtained before hand. Unforeseen absence musty be justified on return to college.

4. Absence from college tests /examination will not be tolerated. In such cases the students will not be admitted until their parents meet the principal.

5. Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, neglect of work, vandalism, obscenity in word or action etc. is punishable by suspension or dismissal.

6. Attendance in classes and examination, good performance, good conduct and behavior will be taken in to consideration for internal assessment marks.

7. Under no circumstances the fees once paid will be refunded.

8. Students should not indulge in any untoward activities either in the campus or outside the campus that will affect the General Administration and Discipline of the college.

9. Students discounting the course before the completion have to pay the remaining semester fess before claiming transfer certificate.