Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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The BBA is a fulltime 3 years course spread over 6 semesters. Each semester is of 16 weeks duration. The student should have a minimum of 80% attendance to appear for the semester examination.


- The undergraduate course BBA is designed to make it employment oriented
- It is also designed to help graduates to start their own ventures or to be business consultants and not to be dependent on jobs.

The young minds are to be trained in the field of management due to the booming economy, industrial growth, globalization, entry of MNC’s, opportunities for job seekers, but not everyone prepared to face the challenge of today’s competitive industry.
To a very large extent the success or failure of a business operation is dependent on the role of management. There is a constant need for managers in sectors like Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Real estate, Infrastructure and retailing etc.
To grab theses opportunities there is a great need to understand the basic concepts and applications of the management skills, like planning, strategic thinking, vision, decision making, organizing, self managing, Team building, communication, Leading, Inculcating Ethical and high personal standards.
Therefore graduation in management is becoming more and more essential to embark a career in today’s competitive world.